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Altena Yachting is a company driven by passion and traditional craftsmanship. Since its founding in 1969, it has become a reliable international yacht builder with a global presence. Their impressive range of luxury motoryachts caters to various needs, from inland waterways to seaworthy vessels. Every aspect, from design to construction and equipment, is meticulously managed in-house.

Gerard Pols started Altena Yachting as a hobby, building his dream yacht with his family's help. Selling this first yacht provided the initial capital to turn his passion into a reality. From those humble beginnings, the company flourished, gaining a reputation for excellence in the shipbuilding industry.

Today, Altena Yachting stands as a testament to dedication and craftsmanship, delivering yachts that not only excel technically but also boast impeccable finishing touches. With love for the industry at its core, Altena Yachting continues to be a driving force in the world of yacht building.

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