The November Dutch yacht sales report

Welcome to the Yachtsnl November sales report, where we delve into the world of Dutch-built yachts over 18 meters! In this report, we navigate the waters of market trends, fluctuations, and key developments, providing a clear overview of the dynamic yacht brokerage industry. From luxury vessels to sailing marvels, our data-driven exploration sheds light on the ins and outs of monthly yacht sales, offering insights into the highs, lows, and interesting patterns that define this thriving sector. Join us as we dive into the sea of statistics, and uncover the secrets of the Dutch-built yachts market with our report.

NEW FOR SALE | November 2023

In November 2023, the Dutch yacht market saw the introduction of 11 new yachts for sale, consisting of 6 motor yachts and 5 sailing yachts. 

The highest priced Dutch-built yacht amongst the new listings is the 46.7m my MY SECRET built by Heesen and asking €24.760.000, while the largest Dutch-built yacht presented for sale in November 2023 was with 55.47m, ILLUSION I, built by Feadship, with an asking price of €8.950.000. ILLUSION I has returned to the market after being sold at the beginning of this year.

On the other end of the spectrum, the 20m Mekon Yachtbuilding sailing yacht LYRICS was the least expensive and shortest new listing with an asking price of €475.000

The shipyard with the most new listings this month was once again Jongert Yachts with 3 of their yachts newly listed for sale. One Jongert Yachts sailing yacht that entered the market this month is the 22m TORO DEL MAR with an asking price of €650.000.

From the 11 Dutch-built yachts that came to the market in November, yachts had a length between 18 and 24 meters, yachts between 24 and 30 meters, another yachts between 30 and 50 meters, and 1 yacht larger than 50 meters.

When we compare this month to last month’s numbers, we see a decrease of 35.3% in the number of new listings.

SOLD | November 2023

In November 2023, a total of 9 Dutch-built yachts were sold, 8 motor yachts and 1 sailing yacht. Compared to October we see an increase of 80% in the amount of sales.

One of the largest yachts sold this month was the 74.5 meter Amels my LADY E (now renamed FELIX). She was sold after 176 days on the market with an asking price of €71.500.000, which stayed the same throughout the whole sales period.

The least expensive yacht sold was the 18.6 meter Van der Valk Shipyard my LIBERTY, which had a final asking price of €599.000 and was on the market for 123 days. During that period she has received no price reductions.

On average, the yachts sold in November 2023 were on the market for 348 days. The longest sale of last month was the 19.5 meter Pacific Shipyards my GOUDEN LEEUW. She was on the market for 866 days, over 2 years, with a final asking price of €595.000. During that period she has received price reduction and her final asking price was 85.6% of its original asking price of €695.000.

The Dutch-built yachts market received a total of €309.463.250 in sales last month. The yachts still had a value of 93.8% of their first asking price.

YACHTS WITHDRAWN | November 2023

In November 2023 there were 6 yachts withdrawn from the market, 5 motor yachts and sailing yacht.

The yacht that had been available for the longest period was the 20.07 meter my LACROMA built by Amsterdamsche Scheepwerf G. de Vries Lentsch Jr. Yachts. LACROMA was listed for sale since January 2017 with an asking price of €1.150.000. She was on the market for 2517 days, almost 7 years, and has received 2 price reductions. Her last asking price was 65.7% of its original asking price of €1.750.000.

CURRENTLY FOR SALE | December 2023

On the first of December, the Dutch-built yacht market boasts 317 vessels for sale, of which 230 motor yachts and 87 sailing yachts. Last month there were 319 yachts offered for sale, signalling a slight decrease in available yachts for sale.

Out of 1164 Dutch-built motor yachts over 18m in our database, 19.8% are currently offered for sale, and out of 412 sailing yachts, 21.1% are currently available for purchase.

Presently one of the largest sailing yachts available for purchase is the 56.43m Graafship ATLANTIC III. Her asking price is €12.000.000 and she has been listed for sale since December 2017.

One of the largest motor yachts available on the market is the 83.5 meter Feadship my SAVANNAH. This vessel has been for sale for 79 days with an asking price on request.

At the other end of the spectrum, one of the smallest available yachts is the 18 meter my DEEP BLU, built by Kompier. DEEP BLU is currently being offered with an asking price of €645.000 and has been listed for sale since September 2023.

This month in numbers

Compared to the previous month, we can see an ongoing decrease in the number of new listings , but on the other hand a further increase in price reductions. The ongoing increase in price reductions are leading to an increase in sales leading up to the the end of the year. The amount of new listings have now stabilized following the large boat shows in September and October.

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