Scheepswerf De Beer Custom Dutch motor yacht Xenia and Faye for sale 01

Scheepswerf De Beer - Xenia and Faye

25,57 m


General information

Name Xenia and Faye
Reference NL25.045
Type Motor yacht


Length 25,57 m
Beam 5,09 m
Draft 2,07 m


Year 1962
Series Custom


Exterior Designer


Material hull Steel


Guest cabins 3
Guest beds 6
Crew cabins 1

Motor yacht details

Stern type Integrated bathing platform
Swimming platform Yes
Displacement type Heavy displacement


Cruising speed 10.0knots
Maximum Speed


Count Brand Fuel type HP/Engine
2 Caterpillar Diesel 450
Total: 900

Short description of the yacht

In 1960, a visionary Dutch entrepreneur approached Shipyard De Beer Nv in Zaandam, Holland, with a unique request: to develop a luxurious 26-meter yacht that could navigate the harsh northern seas during cold winters. The shipyard took up the challenge, and after two years of meticulous work, the vessel was completed in 1962 and delivered to its owner.
The yacht's design was revolutionary for its time, boasting a modern concept with a sleek and sharply inclined stern at 40 degrees, complemented by a distinctive and elegant bow. This innovative design would go on to influence many shipyards across Holland, inspiring them to adopt a similar style.
Even today, the vessel stands as a testament to its successful realization. It continues to exude elegance and grace, showcasing a generous layout that ensures exceptional maneuverability. Inside, the main cabin offers comfort and tranquility, housing a bathroom and bathtub, while two other bedrooms share a common bathroom. A strategically placed corridor provides privacy and adds to the yacht's overall sense of refinement. The crewmembers' cabin accommodates three bunk beds, adjoined by a spacious galley located at the bow of the vessel.
For twelve years, the yacht gallantly cruised the Nordic seas and in 1974, a new chapter began as the vessel's steel hull embraced the adventurous world of oceanography, serving as a research vessel in the rough seas of the Indian Ocean. However, in 1981, a French individual reintroduced her to the private yachting world, customizing her to suit his pleasure and showcasing her along the enchanting coastlines of Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez. It was then that her true name, St. Nicolas, was finally revealed.
In June 1997, Mr. Enzo Addari fell in love at first sight with the beautiful but worn-out vessel. Recognizing the timeless appeal hidden within her classic lines, he took on the challenge of restoring her splendor. With the expertise of two Italian engineers and Mr. Enzo's unique naval design capabilities, St. Nicolas underwent an extensive refit in Lavagna, Italy. After 18 months of hard work, the yacht emerged once again, flaunting her long-lost antique luxury.
The Caribbean island of Antigua became her new home, where she embraced a fresh journey filled with music, love, and VIP experiences. In 2009, an important refit took place at Antigua Slipway, owned by Mr. Enzo himself, and alongside his dedicated team, they preserved the yacht's hidden luxuries. Artisanal hand-replacement of the teak deck, skillful electrical rejuvenation by renowned Osvaldo Sandalini, and meticulous craftsmanship breathed new life into the vessel, adapting her gracefully to the new millennium.

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