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Yachtsnl is an international data portal, providing reliable data on all Dutch-built yachts, from 18 meters upward. Our mission is to give a complete, transparent insight in the Dutch-built yachting industry by collecting and sharing reliable first-hand yacht data. 

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Over the years, we have noticed that there are many yachts advertised on different platforms or brokerage websites, with different pricing and different ‘listing’ brokers. That’s why we wanted to create one website were every yacht is advertised only once, with the correct CA’s or JCA’s, where the client can directly contact the right brokerage house or broker. This makes the entire market more transparent for the visitor and easier for them to understand which yachts are actually available for sale and where. Another upside of this approach is that it leads to more direct contact between buyers and brokers.

In addition, we deliver background information regarding the yachting industry, and provide a service platform to bring customer and companies directly in contact. This way we strive to make the Dutch yachting industry more accessible for the (future) yacht owner.

Since our number one goal is to offer our visitors a complete overview of all Dutch-built yachts (for sale or not for sale) larger than 18 meters, we choose to not charge for any listings. Rather, all yachts for sale that are showcased on our website, and even any photo and info updates of the yacht’s page are and will remain free of charge.

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We would like to invite you to correct any details on our website regarding your listings that may be incorrect or send us any recent photos via the contact form on the yacht page.

You can also make an account and follow "★" yachts that are not actively listed for sale at present. Once these yachts become available on the market, you will be informed by email and you can reach out to the broker who has the yacht listed.

We are doing our utmost to ensure that all information on our portal is correct and up to date, by checking the yachts sales status regularly and receiving news updates via newsletters or the broker directly.

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