About Us

Yachtsnl is an international data portal, providing reliable data on all Dutch-built yachts, from 18 meters upward. Our mission is to give a complete, transparent insight in the Dutch-built yachting industry by collecting and sharing reliable first-hand yacht data. In addition, we publish in-depth articles and information on Dutch shipbuilders, yards, designers, suppliers, subcontractors and brokers of Dutch-built yachts.

At Yachtsnl you will never find the same yacht advertised multiple times with different prices and data. Instead, when a yacht is listed for sale with several brokers, you can decide to connect with all of them or simply one. The result is a less confusing and more transparent sales market, making it easier for buyers to understand what yachts are available for sale.

What makes a yacht, a yacht?

The official definition of a yacht is a sailboat used for racing, or a large usually motor-driven craft used for pleasure cruising (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2022). In short; a yacht is a boat primarily used for pleasure, whether that be racing or leisure activities, and is therefore typically more luxurious designed.

Did you know that the English term ‘yacht’ originates from the Dutch word ‘jacht’, which translates to ‘hunt’ (as these boats were initially deployed to pursue pirates and other criminals)? During the 17th century, the Dutch Republic became the most powerful shipping and trading nation in the world. Relatively small and fast-sailing vessels were used by wealthy shipowners in Amsterdam to inspect the merchandise on their cargo ships returning from the Far East and speedily move goods to local marketplaces. As their owners became richer and more successful, they started using these boats in their leisure time too, making them ever-more luxurious. This resulted in the construction of the world’s first dedicated yacht marina in Amsterdam in 1622.