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Amels has a rich heritage in Dutch family shipbuilding dating back to 1918. They started with wooden fishing boats and steel tugboats, eventually becoming pioneers in building luxury superyachts.

Under Kommer Damen's ownership in 1991, Amels joined the Damen shipbuilding group, adding more Dutch shipbuilding expertise while preserving the brand's legacy.

Amels implemented a successful platform shipbuilding philosophy, building upon their history of strength, intelligence, and adaptability. Their approach focuses on swift customization during the ordering process, allowing clients to take control and create unique experiences for themselves, cherishing those moments that become cherished memories.

Amels maintains a continuous process of evolution, driven by insights from the users of their extensive fleet, including owners, captains, and crews. These experiences act as a driving force, leading to innovation generation after generation.

Since 2003, all Amels yachts have been constructed in Vlissingen, a renowned shipbuilding center in the southwest of the Netherlands. Their facilities are the largest in the country, home to 1,500 skilled craftsmen and women.

Amels remains committed to enhancing efficiency and sustainability, aiming to make their processes cleaner and greener while maintaining high standards of safety, reliability, and transparency.

Their latest additions, the Amels 60 and 80-metre Limited Editions, blend centuries of experience, elegance, and innovation, setting a new standard in timeless classics of serene sophistication. Amels embodies the essence of conscious modern yachting, continually raising the bar and redefining luxury at sea.

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