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Pacific Shipyards was founded in 1994 by Bas van Pelt, who still serves as the director/owner. Guided by his leadership, the shipyard has grown impressively and earned a reputation as a specialist in constructing "pocket-sized" super-yachts. Their extensive expertise allows them to handle both hull construction and finishing in-house, and all Pacific Yachts' design and engineering are done by the shipyard itself. Notably, their latest creation, the ultra-luxurious Pacific S, is the first round-bilged yacht built by Pacific, showcasing their capabilities and dedication to innovation.

Pacific Yachts are renowned for their unique "look and feel," characterized by harmonious design and innovative layouts, setting each yacht apart as a special vessel. With passion and craftsmanship, the shipyard ensures the use of only the finest materials and components, maintaining a consistently high construction quality. Their personalized approach means each Pacific Yacht is custom-built, allowing owners to discuss preferences for layout, design, upholstery, and finish, with the shipyard providing valuable advice to create a pleasant and tailored interior. Whether cruising the Netherlands or exploring the Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Yachts offer exceptional sailing characteristics, comfort, and exquisite design, providing an unforgettable experience on the water.

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