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Van der Valk, founded in the 1960s by Wim van der Valk, has become a global fleet of over 1000 motoryachts. Renowned for building first-class aluminium hulls in-house and managing all outfitting and finishing, they maintain control over price and quality. Their rich heritage blends with innovative approaches, securing them a prominent position in the 2020s.

Throughout the decades, Van der Valk has garnered praise for their cabin and aft-cabin design cruisers and iconic models like Valkkruiser and Super Falcon, establishing a respected reputation among Dutch shipyards. They further expanded into the superyacht sector with their Vitesse series and evolved with the Continental I series. Van der Valk embraces constant innovation, exemplified by their groundbreaking 37-meter Santa Maria T with a two-axis fin antiroll damping system. Collaborating with top names in the yachting scene, they offer premium motoryachts with a strong focus on pushing boundaries. Led by Wim van der Valk, the company continues to thrive, combining exceptional experience and attention to detail.

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Van der Valk Shipyard
Industrieweg 45 - 47A
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