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In 1985, Nico Claasen began his journey in yacht building, starting with the restoration of antique furniture and historical buildings. His passion for craftsmanship led him to restore a small fishing boat, setting the path for his successful career. Assisting in the restoration of wooden motor boats and building the superstructure and interior of a Nordia yacht further expanded his expertise.

With his woodworking skills and a collection of self-made tools, Claasen established Claasen Jachtwerf in Zaandam. The Turkish knot became the company's logo, symbolizing their commitment to exceptional quality. They excelled in transforming wood and aluminum into elegant, high-quality yachts, collaborating closely with Hoek Design Naval Architects.

Today, Claasen Jachtwerf is known for building premium, custom, and semi-custom yachts, allowing owners to incorporate their preferences. From super Js like Lionheart to Truly Classics such as Atalante and Acadia, their fleet showcases renowned superyachts crafted with flexibility and precision. Claasen's dedication to craftsmanship continues to earn the admiration of proud owners worldwide.

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