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Since its introduction in 1968, the Doggersbank explorer has established its reputation through outstanding performance. The original design, featuring a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, is celebrated for its practical innovation and exceptional seaworthiness.

The round bilge displacement hull ensures ample interior volume for accommodations, storage, and systems access, making the Doggersbank ideal for long-range exploration. Its robust exterior is engineered to navigate diverse seafaring conditions, boasting a high bow with a protective backwards bulwark for a secure working deck. The vessel's reliability is further assured by heavy onboard equipment, including anchor winches, stabilizers, cranes, hatches, and doors, essential for venturing into remote areas.

Designed with a focus on guest comfort during extended journeys, the interior layout offers ample space for oceangoing passages and remote cruising. The owner's stateroom is thoughtfully positioned on the lower deck aft, ensuring the utmost comfort and enjoyment while onboard.

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