Southern Thailand yacht charter itinerary

Thailand is a country filled with not only beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs and other landscapes, diving sites, national parks, and delicious food, but the country has way more to offer. There is no better way to explore the country’s diversity and richness in terms of food and nature than by cruising across Southern Thailand in comfort, safety, and luxury.

Day 1-3: Phuket

On the East Coast of Phuket, in Southern Thailand, are all the marinas of Phuket. The small island is easily accessible, yet it has stunning views, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and convenient accommodations. Take your time to visit outstanding beaches at for example Ko Sire and Coconut Island, but also do not forget to explore the city of Phuket. There is no better way to start your exciting journey.

Day 4-6: Phang Nga Bay

Pursue your journey by perambulating to Phang Nga Bay, well-known for its limestone rocks and islets. Take a day to explore the North of the Bay by kayak or small boat to see all beautiful small islands there. Another valuable place to visit in this area is fisherman’s village Koh Panyee, where you can have a relaxed day with some shopping, delicious food, and no disappointing views either. Lastly, another must-see spot in this area is James Bond Island, featured in “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

Day 7-10: Krabi

Next up, a bit more East you find Krabi, where you also can see beautiful beaches every direction you go. If the weather allows it, Krabi is the perfect area for enjoying at least 1 beach day, everywhere with a stunning view. You can for example visit Ao Nang Bay and Railay Beach. Make sure to also take a day to explore the mainland, where you can amongst others do an intensive hike to see the impressive Tiger Cave Temple, and you can explore the worthwhile nightlife of the area.  

Day 11-12: Ko Hong

Another must-see in the Krabi Region is Ko Hong Island, where you can find breathtaking scenery and crystal waters. Located in Thanbok Khoranee National Park, the main things to see here are Pilae Beach and the local shops. Moreover, with a small boat you should visit the remote Hong Lagoon to bathe in the crystal clear water.

Day 13-14: Koh Phi Phi

The last destination of this short itinerary through Southern Thailand is Koh Phi Phi Island. Koh Phi Phi also consists of multiple islands, with Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley being the most famous ones. Other places to sail past are Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island. Additionally, other exciting activities that can be performed here are diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, and of course exploring the island.

After Koh Phi Phi, you can return to Phuket. However, it would be unrealistic to deny the chance that you will pursue your journey to other beautiful islands in Southern Thailand, since there are countless islands, attractions, and areas here that are also worth a visit, and travelling through Thailand is simply amazing.