Annual Dutch-built yachts sales report 2023

Our annual report on Dutch-built yacht sales data for the year 2023 offers a detailed examination of the Dutch-built yacht market. Here you can learn more about the amount of yachts that have been sold, the yachts that entered the market, any price changes, and yachts that have been withdrawn from the sales market. We will compare the data of 2023 with the year before, and analyze some data even over the course of 5 years to see if we can recognize any trends in how the market behaves. 

Furthermore, we will highlight the journey of some vessels, comparing the initial asking price with the final selling price, and detailing the duration for which yachts stayed on the market. By segmenting our analysis into motor and sailing yachts, we provide a nuanced understanding of the distinctive trends within each category. Finally, we will dissect the market by shipyard or brand, offering insights into the performance of individual builders and the preferences of buyers.

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