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Van der Heijden Yachts is a renowned Dutch yacht builder with a rich history and a reputation for producing high-quality, luxurious vessels. The company was founded in 1993 by Henk van der Heijden, who had a passion for boats and a vision to create exceptional yachts that combine elegance, comfort, and performance. Since its inception, Van der Heijden Yachts has been dedicated to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative design, resulting in the creation of some of the most stunning yachts on the market.

Each Van der Heijden yacht is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and the latest technology, ensuring superior quality and durability. The company offers a range of models, from sleek and sporty motor yachts to spacious and luxurious explorer yachts. Van der Heijden yachts are known for their timeless design, luxurious interiors, and exceptional seaworthiness, making them a popular choice among discerning yacht owners worldwide. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Van der Heijden Yachts also offers customization options, allowing clients to tailor their yacht to their specific preferences and needs. Whether cruising along the coast or embarking on an adventurous journey, a Van der Heijden yacht promises an unforgettable experience of luxury, comfort, and performance on the water.

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