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Aluboot, founded on 11 August 1975 by Mr. Borneman Sr. in Hindeloopen, is a leading aluminum shipbuilder. Borneman's team of specialists crafts top-quality aluminum ships, known for their build-quality, proven technology, and high standards. Before Aluboot, Borneman Sr. built ship interiors and saw the potential to create fully finished yachts. Starting their own yard, the Borneman family built their first aluminum yachts in Hindeloopen under the name Aluboot. Today, Aluboot is renowned for being the main supplier of KNRM lifesaver boats, and their yachts retain value and become cherished heirlooms across generations. The Borneman Family continues to drive Aluboot's success.

Yachts built by Aluboot

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Oosterstrand 6a
Hindeloopen 8713 JS