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Established in 1919, the shipyard was founded by Albert Hakvoort Sr. in Monnickendam. Shifting from wooden to steel vessels after WWII, it expanded with a new slipway for larger projects. In 1955, a fire and lack of insurance caused financial struggles, but the family's resilience led to building 70 fishing trawlers by 1980.

Under the third generation, Klaas Sr.'s sons Albert and Klaas Jr., the focus shifted to sport fishing yachts. In 1993, Albert acquired full ownership while collaborating with Oceanco. The fourth generation, Albert's sons Klaas and Albert Jr., joined in the early '90s. The yard's decision to extend their main hall to 66 meters, catering to the relatively stable market for 60-meter yachts, resulted in significant success, securing orders for 61-meter and 64-meter yachts.

On November 13, 2020, Hakvoort received the Royal designation, an esteemed honor for Dutch companies. This milestone allows them to use the Royal title and integrate a stylized crown in their logo.

Yachts built by Royal Hakvoort Shipyard

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Royal Hakvoort Shipyard
Havenstraat 22
Monnickendam 1141AX