In memoriam: Frits de Voogt, former Feadship director

Frits de Voogt, former Feadship director and naval architect, sadly passed away on December 22nd, 2023. Feadship commemorated the death of the 'master shipbuilder', saying that "together with his team, he shaped the dreams of demanding Feadship customers". Moreover, with his unique designs and outstanding involvement in yacht building, he will have an ever-lasting impact on the company. 

Frits de Voogt is widely recognized as a central figure who played a crucial role in Feadship's rise in importance since 1960, and he has never stopped being involved since his retirement in the 1990s. Despite initially aspiring to embark on a career designing solely larger ships, the remarkable family spirit caused him to aid in running the De Voogt Naval Architects leading to an entirely different yet unforgettable career. Frits de Voogt acknowledged how his father laid essential groundwork in the yachting industry, and how "You can't do anything on your own", as the success of Feadship is largely dependent on teamwork. 

Frits de Voogt is widely considered a mentor of the current leaders of Feadship, and the influence of his modesty and decades-long career will live on in the world of yachting.