First Breedendam MTB Sixzero yacht sold and under construction

The Leeuwarden-based shipyard, Breedendam Yachts, has announced the sale of its latest yacht: the first-ever 19.60-metre MTB Sixzero. With a heritage of boatbuilding spanning as far back as 1976, the Dutch shipyard is well known within the industry for combining beautiful, classic lines with the very latest technologies and the highest build quality. 

Breedeman MTBSixzero

After developing its iconic Breedendam MTB in the 1990s – whose distinctively retro lines are inspired by the Motor Torpedo Boats which were used by the British Navy during World War II – the shipyard has built a name for itself in the decades since, delivering numerous MTBs of various sizes to clients all around the world.

Notably, the Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander was so impressed by the boats that he chose to be transported in a Breedendam MTB 33 during the 2000 Sail Amsterdam event, after which the Breedendam MTB has been the ‘Official Tender to Sail’ during the Sail Amsterdam events which take place every five years.

Breedendam’s recent sale of its new MTB Sixzero yacht acts as yet more evidence of the company’s ever-increasing success, with the vessel’s appearance representing a logical continuation of the previous MTB models, as her designer, Guido de Groot, highlights.

Breedendam MTB Sixzero bow

“The MTB Sixzero was commissioned for a repeat client who owned an MTB 40 already and really liked the Eightzero as a concept but his home berth restrictions meant that his boat could not be over 20 metres. Although the model was basically designed from scratch, we incorporated the flybridge and other features from the Eightzero.”

He continues: “I had my own ideas about how a Breedendam should look. I wanted to make it into a really unique yacht in the market, which was something that could stand out on its own, but which was simultaneously always recognisable as a Breedendam boat.”

Measuring 19.60 metres to comply with these home berth restrictions, the MTB Sixzero offers its guests tastefully-styled accommodation across a midships master suite and a VIP fore suite, with a further guest cabin located in between. In addition, a well-designed and comfortable private double crew cabin can be found aft of the master – next to the tender bay and engine room – which also features its own bathroom.

Notably, the high quality of this separate private area will help attract the best crew, as well as facilitating the owner’s plans for the yacht to be chartered in areas where this is not usually possible.

Breedendam MTB Siczero side

Head-turning the water thanks to her beautiful classic lines, the MTB Sixzero will be hand-painted by a specialist woodwork artist in a dark blue colour, although, as her designer explains, the hull is not actually built from wood. “Everything you think is wood is actually just painted, even down to the cap rails, as part of her design,” says De Groot.

Stand-out areas on board include her outdoor aft area with its exceptionally well-equipped galley which also doubles up as a winter garden, and can be easily covered up when desired. In addition, the flybridge features a helm area forward with a circle of seating, ensuring all those on board feel included.

Although this particular Sixzero has been designed to fit the needs of a specific client, the yacht contains a huge amount of potential to suit the requirements of future owners. Notably, as a testament to the flexibility of the Sixzero’s design, although this particular owner chose to place solar panels aft on the flybridge, future clients have the option to use this space to create a relaxing sun deck zone with loungers.

The aft garage has space for a 3.4-metre tender as well as room for the gear of her keen diver owner, with a spacious swimming platform also found on board. Although the yacht will primarily be used in Europe, diving expeditions in the Caribbean are also on her future agenda.

Finally, the MTB Sixzero also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to on-water performance, with her Volvo IPS drives ensuring a top speed of at least 30 knots.