Moonen Martinique 119 COCOON delivered

The Moonen Yachts team is proud to confirm the successful sea trials and delivery of the 37.8m Moonen Martinique (124ft) COCOON. The yacht completed her sea trials on the North Sea in January. Following speed runs and manoeuvring trials on inland waters, the Moonen Yachts sea trial team took the yacht out during heavy mid-winter conditions for her endurance test.

The Dutch North Sea lived up to its reputation as the ideal location to test ship systems under full load. The endurance trial concluded a 5-day period during which Moonen Yachts put the systems, machinery, equipment, and electronics to the test in actual operational conditions. After seeing how the yacht behaved in a heavy sea state, COCOON’s Captain Kaela Bermeister was very happy with the yacht’s first real day at sea.

“We got to experience testing conditions, wind and swell on our way from the sea trial area towards Rotterdam,” she says. “During these rocky conditions it’s a great chance to listen for any rattles and creaks that need improving, and generally just be on the lookout for those small details that need adapting before we take over.”

Moonen Yachts has earned its reputation for quality through superior craftsmanship and by outfitting its yachts with only the best and most reliable equipment. Knowing how well-built its yachts are, Moonen Yachts stands behind its reputation with a worldwide 2-year warranty on all new builds. The shipyard’s support is very important, says Captain Kaela.

“Getting to know the team and working closely with them over the past few months will without a doubt make the warranty process a smoother task. After forming a good relationship I’m confident that the communication between us will stay positive. It has been such an incredible time with Moonen since I joined the build, witnessing the skills and precision that goes into this project really makes it an honour to be a part of.”